Non-NHS Services

Non-NHS Services

Certificates & Forms

Private sick note 

Page in DLA or similar forms

Driving license photograph

Provident Association claim form e.g. BUPA

Sickness/accident insurance benefit claim form

Health club – patient fit to exercise

Sundry letter e.g. housing, school, employer

Examinations, Reports & Referrals

Private referral letters

Pre-employment medicals: LGV, PCV, elderly/racing driver fitness certificate, Army Medical

Brief report summarising medical conditions and general health

Detailed written report, no examination (30 mins)

Comprehensive examination and report (45 mins)

Travel Abroad

Private prescription for drugs required soley for purpose of traveling abroad

Vaccination certificate

Holiday cancellation certificate

Fitness to travel certificate

Bus pass concessionary travel scheme

Wait... isn't the NHS free?

The NHS provides most health care free of charge. However there are some services which are not covered by the NHS, and so a fee is charged. For our standard pricing, please ring us on 01274 662233, or email Contact Us > 

N.B. If the doctor deems the form or report more extensive than normal, additional fees may be payable.